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In order to provide high quality non woven bag making machine, non woven paper bag making machine, non woven bag printing machine, offset printing machine and flexo printing machine to our customers, we strictly focus on materials choosing and quality controlling. We not only ensure the quality of our machines, but also provide competitive prices.


Automatic Non Woven Bag
Making Machines

Non Woven Fabric Bag Making Machine is a revolution in the packaging industry with its more controlled and precise performance. A high quality Non Woven Bag Making Machine is developed for making various types of fabric bags.

Non Woven Bag Printing Machines

Non woven bag printing machine specially designed to print on eco friendly non woven D-cut bags. This 3-in-1 model machine can print non-woven fabric bags as well as Paper & Poly bags also.

High Speed Non Woven Flexo Printing Machines

Non Woven Roll to Roll Flexo Printing Machine is available in two modules in 2 color & 4 color. These machines are ideal for printing various images, designs and patterns of different colors on non woven fabric.

Non Woven Bag Making Machine Accessories

Sahil Graphics is an importers of all kind of non woven bag Making Machine, Automatic Soft loop handle sealing machine, Ultrasonic sealing & handle welding machine, Handle loop cutting machine, Hydraulic carry bag punching machines from China.

Fully Automatic Paper Carry Bag Making Machines

ZB1100A-1 sheet feeding bag tube forming machine is a fully automatic paper carry bag making machine and suitable for mass production of special paper and different types of polished and laminated paper (already creased Printed sheet of paper as raw materials).

It is the first equipment choice for manufacturing high-grade and luxury handbags. The paper automatic delivery by feeder, automatic positioning by guide and line aligning system, automatic pasting by roll glue device, top folding with automatic gusset forming, press bag output.

Fully Automatic Paper Bag Making Machines

Bag Maker-700 fully automatic paper bag making Machine produces paper bags from a jumbo roll, for a required width of the bag a suitable jumbo roll is placed on the machine. On the chart is shown for which type of width of bag goes with which kind of paper roll. The machine is supplied with a set of six tools (skis) for changing the width of the bag, a set of gears for changing the length of the bag and a set of 6+6 cliché rolls for printing. At the beginning the paper goes through a section for two color printing, after that glue is applied which glues the back side of the bag.



SAHIL GRAPHICS is a name known for introducing latest technologies/ innovations in the field of printing & packaging so as to help the Industry to keep pace with the fast growing world scenario. Founded in 1998, we always remain two steps ahead in our industry by bringing latest technology in the Non Woven Bag Making Machine & Non Woven Bag Printing machines. Due to our sustained efforts towards excellence in providing support, services and qualities of leadership, we have established our sales and service network throughout India.

We are expanding our activities in overseas also by having foot-holds in USA, Malaysia, Mauritius, Philippines, Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Abu-Dhabi, Kuwait, Jeddah, Syria, Uganda, Nigeria, Liberia, Kenya, Bhutan & Nepal….

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grocery bag making machine

Grocery Paper Bag Making Machine

Grocery Paper Bag Making Machine a revolution machine PBM-400 which is mastered to produce finest paper bag with high performance speed. Get the bags ready at minimum making cost. Great finishing equipped by servo motor and glue motor.
Rugged structure ensures batter quality and life of machine. The bag length is controlled by gear. Change length need change gear. The parameter is controlled by inverter motor.

Paper Straw Making Machine

The Paper Straw Making Machine (PS-500) is suitable for producing different sizes of paper straws, such as 5 mm; 6 mm; 8 mm; 10 mm, 12 mm etc. With upgrade design for cutting device, before with 5 cutting knives, the speed will be 5 meters higher than before, the stable working speed: 40-50 m/min.

  • Adopted with human-machine operation interface, main motor is equipped with variable frequency speed regulation, Easy for parameters setting & operating.
  • Paper reeling stand, slitting rolls are easily placed into reel stand by electric lifting device.
Paper Straw Making Machine
Square Bottom Paper Bag Making Machine

Roll Feeding Square Bottom Paper Bag Making Machine

The SBR-460 Adjustable Roll Feeding Square Bottom Paper Bag Making Machine is designed to manufacture square bottom paper bags from paper roll in blank or printed. Side gluing, tube forming, cuffing, bottom creasing, bottom gluing, bottom forming and final product out feed can be completed online by this machine. It is ideal equipment for making paper bag for foodstuff bag, shopping bag and so on. Controlled by PLC system, equipped with touch screen and servo motor for bag length control, this machine can produce different size paper bags.

Sheet-feeding Paper Bag Making Machine

The Sheet-feeding Paper Bag Making Machine (SG1200C-430) paper bag producing machine is suitable for high volume paper bag production, using blank sheet or creased paper. Equipped with PLC control, frequency controlled speed adjustment as well as remote control.

Automatic, non-stop feeding register, side gluing, gusset forming, bottom folding and pasting, automatic collection and counting – all in one uninterrupted work-flow.Optional with compaction and output unit.

Sheet-feeding Paper Bag Making Machine SG 1200C-430
Sheet-feeding Paper Bag Making Machine - SG 1200CS-430

Sheet-feeding Paper Bag Making Machine – SG 1200CS-430

The ZB1200CS-430 sheet-feeding paper bag making machine is suitable for the mass bag production, it is the first choice of medium and top grade handbag device. The product adopts mechanical, electricity, light, gas integration technology, setting a number of its proprietary technology, use the creased sheet paper as raw material, can one-time finish, paper feeding, positioning, top folding, tube forming, gusset forming, square bottom folding and gluing automatic, and then compaction output.