High Speed Computer Rotogravure Printing Machine

High Speed Computer Rotogravure Printing Machine


    High Speed Computer Rotogravure Printing Machine ( winding and unwinding out )

    High Speed Computer Rotogravure Printing Machine is the products in the domestic first seven motor using advanced PLC control system (seven vector motor control of the closed-loop tension control system, four paragraphs from the Japan Proton positions in the motor cylinder + ABB + Germany + Japan Yaskawa Siemens PLC) machine with excellent rigidity and job stability, compact structure, attractive appearance, suitable for a variety of web, printing gravure film

    Technical Specifications :

    Machine model Type AZJ-8650A AZJ-8850A AZJ-81050A
    Maximum width of base material Max. Width of Web 650 mm 850 mm 1050 mm
    Top speed of printing Maximum Max. Printing Speed 140m/min 140m/min 140m/min
    diameter of coiling and uncoiling Inside Max. Diameter of Unwind/Rewind φ600 mm φ600 mm φ600 mm
    diameter of base material coil Internal Diameter of Roll Core φ76 mm φ76 mm φ76 mm
    Diameter of printing roller Diameter of Printing Cylinder φ105-φ380 mm φ105-φ380 mm φ105-φ380 mm
    Registration precision Accuracy of Registration ±0.1mm ±0.1mm ±0.1mm
    Tension control scale Tension Control Range 3~25kg/Full Width 3~25kg/Full Width 3~25kg/Full Width
    Oven heating power Heating Power of Oven 72 kw 96 kw 120 kw
    Total power of machine Total Power 109 kw 136 kw 160.5 kw
    Machine weight Weight of Machine 17000 kg 19000 kg 21000 kg
    Boundary dimension Overall Dimension L13500×W3200×H2500 mm L13500×W3400×H2500 mm L13500×W3600×H2500 mm