How to Choose The Best Non Woven Bag Making Machine

Non Woven bags have created a huge demand all over the world due to their eco-friendly process. The most significant advantage of the machine is the production capacity. The machine can produce a huge quantity of non woven bags easily compared to the traditional method. Therefore, there is a demand for non-woven bag-making machines.

While purchasing a non woven bag making machine, you must consider the following things:
● Material
● Size
● Bag type

Bag size: Bag sizes depend on the model. The standard size of the non woven bags is enough to satisfy the needs of the people.

Material: Usually, the non woven bags are made up of spun and bond polypropylene fibres. Generally, the non woven bags are measured with thickness and components. The thickness of the bag ranges from 30 to 120 gsm, but custom configuration can vary. Likewise, the ratio of the PP granule will decide the quality of the bag.

Bag types: Non woven bags can be used in different names such as promotional bags, nursery bags, garments bags, shoe bags, etc. W-cut bag, D-cut bag, drawstring bag, handle bag, handle box bag are the various types of bags that can be produced from respective machines. Therefore, first, consider your requirement and the type of bag that you are going to manufacture.

Other Supplementary Machines:
The non woven bag making machine requires few other supplementary machines.

Air compressor: Select an appropriate model according to your machine. It is a mandatory supplementary machine to the non woven bag-making machine.

Stabilizer: In places where the power supply is unstable, stabilizers are required to protect the machine from stable operation.

Generator: When the power supply is insufficient, generators help in running the machine without interruption. It is a temporary solution for power cuts.

Slitting Machine: A slitting machine is required when you need to make the handle by yourself.

Manual Bag Making Machine: A manual bag making machine can be used for proofing and repair defecting. Sometimes, when your client asks for proofing, it is advised to use the manual bag making machine to reduce the manufacturing cost. There may be defective products when producing bags, and these defects can be repaired using a manual bag making machine. This helps to recover the losses and cost.

With the help of non woven bags, one can manufacture bags with different shapes and specifications. The main advantage of carrying non woven bags is they come without PVC coating and are without toxic contamination.

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