Non Woven Fabric Bag Making Machine

Non Woven Fabric Bag Making Machine



Non Woven Fabric Bag Making Machine is a revolution in the packaging industry with its more controlled and precise performance and in the machine, there are installed various control devices like auto-counting and other safety alarms for a safe and secure operation. It is also integrated with an advanced Ultrasonic-bonding technology that ensures highly strong seal in the bags.

In the Recent years the popularity of non woven fabric bag making machine has been increased. Market has various type of fabric bag making machines but our non woven fabric bag making machine produces, high quality, reliable, user friendly and cost effective bags.

The major advantage in Non Woven Fabric Bag Making Machine is its auto tension control and accurate high speed cutting. It is highly acknowledged among customers for its excellent production speed, customization option in width and length of bag, requirement of less manpower and continuous operation.


Bag Sample :

sample-non woven- fabric-bag-making-sample

Technical Specifications :

MODEL NW-700 NW-800
Production speed 40-100 PCS/min 40-100 PCS/min
Total Power (Single Phase) 12 KW 15 KW
Running Load 6-8 KW 8-10 KW
Weight Approx. 2500 kgs 2800 kgs
Man-Power required 1 skilled/2 unskilled 1 skilled/2 unskilled
Bag Width 100-800mm 100-800mm
Bag length 200-580 mm 200-680 mm
Bag thickness 30-90 gsm 30-90 gsm
Machine Dimension(I - Shape) 26x7x7 feet 26x7x8 feet
Machine Dimension(L - Shape) 19x14x7 feet 19x14x8 feet