Single 1 Colour Non Woven Bag Printing Machine

single 1 colour non woven bag printing machine

(SIZES: 16”X22” & 18”X24.5”)


    Single Colour Non Woven Bag Printing Machine

    Sahil Graphics has developed next generation Single 1 Colour Non Woven Bag Printing Machine (D-cut) to offer high quality print results on Non Woven Cloth bags. Sahil Single 1 Colour Non woven Bag printing machine is compact & has an efficient design. Sahil non woven fabric offset printing machines have been specially made for quick printing to meet the requirement for quality short/long run jobs on non-woven bags & fabrics. Utilizing technology of printing non woven d cut bags with vacuum developed by Sahil’s own R & D department the non woven bag to bag printing machines have proved their worth not only in India but abroad as well.

    Single 1 Colour Non Woven Bag Printing Machine Bag Samples


    Sahil one colour non woven fabric printing machine provide best value for money to the screen printers entering in high quality printing work to increase the production and quality with minimum budget. We are delighted to offer our range of Non Woven D cut Bag printing machine. In which you can print Pictures & Images, half tone jobs, background and screen jobs with decent print quality including maximum production. Sahil Non woven bag to bag offset printing machines can accommodate any images you can produce. We give a nice machine to bringing out a best result in printing on non woven fabrics and to make beautiful bags for promotion & shopping.

    Technical Specifications :

    Description SG-122 SG-124
    Max.Paper/Bag Size(mm) 406 x 560 457x 620
    Max. Printing Area(mm) 375 x 550 440 x 605
    Min.Paper/Bag Size(mm) 125 x 180 180 x 260
    Plate Size(0.20-0.28mm) 420 x 560 505 x 620
    Blanket Size (mm) 460 x560 505x 620
    Paper thickness 30-250g/m2 30-250g/m2
    Bag thickness 42-150g/m2 42-150g/m2
    Printing Speed(for Paper)
    Printing Speed (for Bags)
    2000-8000 IPH
    2000-3000 IPH
    2000-8000 IPH
    2000-3000 IPH
    Ink Rollers 14 (3 form inking rollers) 14 (3 form inking rollers)
    Water Rollers 5 (2 form inking rollers) 5 (2 form inking rollers)
    Power (single Phase) 1.5KW 2.0KW
    Overall Dimensions 1760 x 1035 x 1340 mm 2000 x 1100 x 1420 mm
    Weight 800 kg 900 kg